Play backuped GBA roms on Gameboy with Flash Advance Linker

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gba multi boot version 3Multi Boot Version 3

MBV3 Multi Boot Cable Version 3
The MBV3 (MultiBoot Version 3) is a cable that connects to a PC parallel port and to the link port on the GameBoy Advance itself. It allows you to test small GBA programs / ROMS (256K bytes or less), that you have created or downloaded from the internet, on real GBA hardware. It takes advantage of the fact that each GameBoy Advance has a built-in boot memory for loading games over the link port into WRAM (256k bytes) and then executing this code. (External WRAM is actually inside of the GBA itself.) Because of that, no cart is required to be installed in the GBA to use this cable.

Product Features:

  • Connect your GBA to your PC
  • Printer Port for data transfer
  • Compatible with Version 2
  • Support GBA UART comms mode

MBV3 Cable

Learn more

You can BUY MBV3 Multi Boot Cable Version 3 in one of the following online shops. We have tested - ordered stuff from all of them. They all are reliable and have Secure Site Certificates, Secure connection for shopping carts and orders can be Tracked Online. Remember that you have to pay for shipping so look for the best Price + Shipping combo!
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GameBoy / GBA SP Flash Linker specialists. EZ-Flash USB, F2A, XG-Flash 64 128 & 256M sets always in stock!

EasyBuy2000 A trustworthy shop for GBA, GBASP, PS2 and XBOX that. Good prices and fast/cheap shipping to USA, CA and the rest of the world. Worldwide

The only place where you can find Wise Box backup device. Goods are shipped from Asia.

eXtremeMods Sells Gameboy F2Advance Linker and Mod-Chips for all modern consoles. Can pay with CreditCard or PayPal Worldwide


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